Three MakeUp Trends for Fall 2011

A new season, a new look!  Here in the Midwest we had our first week of Fall weather.  Along with our sweaters and boots, we pulled out some new looks for the season.  Here are some looks we’re seeing on the runways!

MakeUp Trends Fall 2011 Smoky Eye Colorful
Smoky eyes get revamped for Fall 2011! Choose burnt oranges, deep blues, turquoise hues and plums for an unexpected splash of color. Apply above and below eyes for a dramatic and beautiful look! We suggest Tigi High Density Eyeshadow Singles for beautiful and high quality shades.

MakeUp Trend Fresh Face 2011 Tigi Mineral Tint
While pretty pink blushes were the craze over the summer, Fall is all about a clear, fresh, dewy face.  Choose a light foundation, powder and more importantly, a fresh-looking mineral tint.  These tints bring out your skin’s natural glow while covering minor imperfections. We suggest Tigi’s Mineral Glow in Natural Glow.

MakeUp Trends Fall 2011 Thick Brows
Switch up your look with thick, bold eyebrows.  Use a brow defining pencil for additional shaping, but fill and expand using a brow sculpting kit.  We suggest the Tigi Brow Sculpting Duo.  Choose either Brunette or Blonde colors of wax and powder to shape and thicken to your heart’s content!


Styles to Help You Beat the Heat

Beat the heat and humidity with these super-easy, breezy and humidity-proof styles for summer!

1. Loose Braid:  Not an excellent braider? Good news! Messy and loose is totally the style, to keep the romance while keeping your hair out of your face!

Summer Hairstyles 2011 Updos Loose Braid Celebrity

For a little extra texture and a bit of hold, to keep your braid in one piece, spritz a bit of It’s a 10 Miracle Leave In Product in your hair before you style.

2. Messy Bun + Headband: Add a twist to the classic bun with a simple headband. The addition of color makes the style look on-purpose, and add dimension and attention!  Make sure and give your style a little height behind the headband for maximum impact.

Summer 2011 Hairstyles Messy Updos Headband

For the extra boost of volume that will really help you pull off this style, try using Tigi Catwalk Your Highness Root Booster.

3.  Side-swept Pony: As with braiding above, side-sweeping your style makes a boring ponytail a sexy fun summer style.  Style with texturized, beach-style waves, great volume and maybe even a bit of a french braid.

Summer Hairstyles 2011 Updos Side Ponytail Humidity Proof

Get the right texture and perfect wave with a beach texturizer like Philip B Maui Wowie Beach Mist Texturizing Spray.

Essie Summer 2011 Collection: Braziliant Swatches!

Essie 2011 Summer Collection Braziliant

Essie makes a splash with their vibrant new collection, featuring bold colors from both a bright and neutral palette. Truly, a little something for everyone.

Essie 2011 Collection Summer Braziliant

Each hue in its bottle, listed from left to right:

Essie Absolutely Shore: A soft sea foam green
Essie Too Too Hot: A sizzling rich red coral
Essie Braziliant: A hot orange with a touch of shimmer

Essie Summer 2011 Collection

Last three colors listed from left to right, pictured above:

Essie Super Bossa Nova: An upbeat bright fuchsia
Essie Meet Me at Sunset: A vibrant deep orange
Essie Smooth Sailing: A breezy lavender blue with a reflection of pearl

We’re super excited for these colors – let us know what you think!

Lovely Gifts for your Lovely Bridesmaids

A couple of quick ideas for the ladies in your bridal party! Reward them for their hard work and care on the busy day of with gifts that are thoughtful, useful and oh-so-girly!

Bridesmaids Gifts Bridesmaid Palette Not Soap Radio
Not Soap Radio Bridesmaid Make Up Palettes, Catch the Bouquet and XOXO, are specifically designed for a bridal party. Catch the Bouquet includes four lip glosses and four eyeshadows, while XOXO includes three lip glosses, three shadows and a fading blush brick. Choose these unique gifts to show your maids you care!

Essie Bridal Collection 2011 Bridesmaid Gifts

The perfect “something blue!”  Spice up your manicure with Essie’s new Borrowed and Blue nail polish, and share it with your whole bridal party. Essie’s 2011 Wedding Collection features four incredible hues: Better Together (cream), Borrowed & Blue, First Dance (red) and Made to Honor (pink).

Bella Il Fiore Mani & More Accessory Set Bridesmaid Gift

Available both in hot pink and baby pink, the uber-chic Bella Il Fiore Mani & More Accessory Set is the perfect mani and pedi tool set to include in gifts for your bridesmaids! Treat them to something special after all of their hard work with this travel-sized set, which comes with tweezers, cuticle pusher, nail file, snippers, scissors and clippers.

Hats off to the Royal Wedding!

Just a little recap of our very favorite part of the Royal Wedding: the CRAZY hats.  What do you think? Brilliant fashion statement or serious faux-pas?

Royal Wedding Hats Princess Eugenie of York & Princess Beatrice of York

Princess Eugenie of York & Princess Beatrice of York

Royal Wedding Hats Kitty Spencer & Guests

Kitty Spencer & Guests (I need to admit that though I’m not into any of the other hats on this page, these are actually a little bit cute. Call me crazy… but I like them.)

Royal Wedding Hats Sophie Winkleman, Lady Frederick Windsor

Sophie Winkleman, Lady Frederick Windsor

Royal Wedding Hats Justine Thornton

Justine Thornton

Royal Wedding Hats Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham

Let us know what you think! There’s some serious fashion courage on this page!

Red Carpet Rundown: Golden Globes Best & Worst!

Who were your favorites from the Golden Globes Red Carpet?  We were totally impressed with the creativity and variety of the dresses, designers and celebs this year.  Though others had truly beautiful makeup (um, Scarlett Johansson!), stellar dates (like Brad Pitt), or some gorgeous jewelry, here are the best and the worst dresses from the Red Carpet, based on our office vote!

The very very very worst (by a landslide vote): Helena Bonham Carter

Helena Bonham Carter Golden Globes Red Carpet 2011 Worst Dressed

Picking the very best was much much harder for us.  With such a variety, how do we decide?  Alas, we narrowed it down to our top five.  Drumroll, please….

For incredible glitter, gold shoes and some serious guts: Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde Golden Globes Red Carpet 2011

For the perfect dress on the perfect body in the perfect color: Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway Golden Globes Red Carpet 2011

For looking killer in black, with great curves and a beautiful back: Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria Golden Globes Red Carpet 2011

For an absolutely beautiful dress with stylish details and beautiful accents: Megan Fox

Megan Fox Golden Globe Red Carpet 2011
And last but certainly note least, for pulling off a creative vintage look flawlessly: Scarlett Johansson: (and PS… she’s my personal favorite. 🙂

Scarlett Johansson Red Carpet Golden Globes 2011

Let us know which you prefer! They’re unbelievable!

Here Goes Awards Season 2011!

Awards Season now fully in swing with the Golden Globes, we’re celebrating our favorite time of year at Beauty of the Site.  We love watching the dresses, the routines, the red carpet gossip and the way that Hollywood’s best designers pull out all the stops! We’re looking forward to tonight’s celebration of 2010 cinema, and especially the beauty and poise of Hollywood’s A-List actresses.  Here are some of our favorites, both for their performances but even more for their incredible glamour!  Check back tomorrow for our Red Carpet Rundown!

Natalie Portman, The Black Swan

Natalie Portman Golden Globes 2011

Nicole Kidman, The Rabbit Hole

Nicole Kidman Golden Globes Rabbit Hole 2011

Jennifer Lawrence, Winter’s Bone

Jennifer Lawrence Golden Globes 2011

Perfect Party Panashe: NYE!

As we’re running around finishing up our perfect New Year’s Eve look for tonight (nothing like shopping at the office!), we thought you might enjoy hearing about what we used to get the look!  We loved sparkly pinks, silvers and dark matte greys to build the perfect New Year’s Eve glam!

For Nails: From the OPI Burlesque Holiday Collection, we chose Sparkle-icious.  One of the six glitters (not shimmers, but glitters), this shade is multi colored (that’s right… it matches everything) and adds just the right glitz to our get up.

For Skin: To get the perfect pink glow, we skipped bronzer and used classic pink blush (Bed Head has a perfect selection), coupled with all over shimmer powder.  We concentrated the shimmer along cheek bones and even under the brow line for maximum impact.  We got the best results using Bed Head’s Shake It Loose Powder in Shimmer.

For Eyes: Natural mineral shadow, like the Orglamix Pure Mineral Eye Color adds the perfect natural sheen, while being easily blended and applied for intricate looks.  We thought the Twilight eye color kit was absolutely perfect, because it used the playful pink we love with darker grey tones and white highlights.

* Pro Tip: Use the eye color kit picture on the website as a guide to blending and applying the three shades.

For Lips:  Shimmering natural lips seemed perfect for the occasion, so we chose DuWop’s Lip Venom to gloss and accentuate our natural lip color to the perfect kissable pink.  DuWop’s Pink Shimmer Lip Venom gave us both the perfect pink tint and subtle sparkle that was essential for our NYE theme.

* Pro Tip: Never accentuate both eyes and lips on one night.  If your eyes are dark and dramatic, let naturally toned lips do the kissing.  Or, if you’re sporting bright red lip stick, keep the eyes simple.  Choose where you want the focus to stay!

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