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Summer Skin Care Tips

Brought to you by Ada Polla – CEO Alchimie Forever

While the first official day of summer is still almost two months away, as I sit in my hotel room in Miami (taking a quick break from the amazing Tuff Love Aveda / Neill hair show taking place this weekend) and watch the people lying out by the pool, the topic of summer skin care comes to mind.

My mother always told me that the change of seasons was the perfect excuse to do a deep cleaning of my house, more specifically of my closets. My father, on the other hand, always told me the change of seasons was the perfect time to take another look at my skin care products and skin care routine and adapt it accordingly.

How do late spring and summer affect our skin? Of course, sunburns come to mind. Sweating, heat rashes, and clogged pores are also typical concerns of warm weather skin care. Sunshine and higher temperatures also mean dresses, shorts, sleeveless tops, open toed shoes and flip flops…. Here is how I deal with warm weather skin:

  1. I switch to a gel-based cleanser. My skin type is pretty normal, and as is typical, I am dryer during the winter months and oilier during the warmer months. To get rid of all traces of sweat and to avoid clogged pores, I love a “squeaky clean” feel, and our Excimer purifying gel cleanser is perfect for that.
  2. I take cooler showers. Really, hot water, while delightful and relaxing, is not great for the skin, in any season. In warmer months, I find it easier to enjoy slightly cooler water, which is great to tighten pores, stimulate circulation (my Mom swears it is her daily cold showers that have given her her cellulite-free legs…), and give my hair some added shine.
  3. I make sure to exfoliate regularly, both face and body. I find that regular (aka twice weekly) exfoliation helps to keep my blackheads under control, and actually ensure a longer, more even sun-kissed look. While I don’t use self-tanner, exfoliation is indeed crucial prior to applying tanning lotion, to ensure it goes on smoothly and avoid streaks.
  4. I switch to a lighter moisturizer. Whether I am in DC or in New Orleans, there is plenty of moisture in the air starting April. While humidity can be awful for hair, it truly is wonderful for skin. Skin will absorb some of the moisture in the air, and as such, most skin types can benefit from a lighter moisturizer during the warmer months. Our Yttrium protective morning cream is particularly ideal and leaves a very matte finish on the skin.
  5. Sunscreen is a must. Indeed, while sunscreen is a must every day, it is a MUST when out by the beach, the pool, or the river. My father always recommended SPF 50+ on the face and body, and until we develop our own sunscreen, his favorite is LaRoche Posay’s Anthelios. He also taught me to avoid the sun between 11 am and 3 pm, and to be particularly careful when in the water, as sun gets reflected and is then twice a dangerous.
  6. Don’t forget your lips – they too are prone to sunburn. Whatever sunscreen you apply on the face, don’t avoid your lips or lip contours. And make sure you use a lip balm that contains an SPF.
  7. Don’t forget your eyes – sunglasses will help protect your eyes from the sun, and will help prevent squinting, which leads to wrinkles.
  8. Shorter dresses and arm-bearing tops mean that I am particularly conscious of my body. Our Alexandrite firming gel for neck and bust, and our Q-switch optimizing body contour gel take care of my upper and lower body respectively, preventing sagging and minimizing cellulite. Of course, a couple extra sessions of Barre3 will help more than any product…
  9. For many, summer means more frequent shaving. If you experience post-shaving irritation or ingrown hairs, remember to shave only after you have been in the shower for a few minutes (your hairs will be softer), to change your blade often, to exfoliate, and to shave with a cream-based product (shaving cream or hair conditioner work best).
  10. Don’t forget your feet – for me, open-toed shoes mean more frequent pedicures, but also dryer feet and the propensity to cracked heels. I use our 532nm antioxidant relief for hands and feet religiously every evening.
  11. Last but not least, hydrate from the inside out. With warmer weather comes more sweating, which means it is doubly important to drink those recommended 8 glasses of water per day. Emergen-C in my water helps it go down better…

Finally, my father always reminded me not only of what to do, but also of what not to do during the summer. Avoid photo-sensitizing products such as retinols (or use them less frequently), avoid laser treatments on tanned skin, and avoid stronger peels on tanned skin.

Happy bathing suit season!

Color Club New Magnetic Force Collection – Available Now!

Color Club Magnetic Force Collection

We are so excited to announce the arrival of the New Color Club Magnetic Force Collection! This new Magnetic polish has a strong magnet (included in cap) that is used with the Magnetic Polish which contains small Magnetic specks that can be manipulated using the included magnet to form intricate nail designs! It’s simple, easy, and fun!

Apply a heavy coat of polish to your nail, while the polish is still wet; hover the magnet very close over your nail for approximately 15 seconds. When you pull the magnet back it will reveal an eye catching pattern! Be sure not to let the polish dry before applying the magnet otherwise you may not get the desired design.  A helpful suggestion, if you hold the magnet in different directions you can achieve varying patterns and designs! These six colors have a fabulous shimmer that you will have to see to believe!

  • Cop An Attitude- rich, golden copper shimmer
  • Sci Fi- golden luminescent shimmer with a ouch of sparkle
  • Magnetic Force- darker plumy purple shade
  • Electro Midnight- royal blue with hint of darker navy when magnet is applied
  • Steel of the Night- a perfect steel grey with a hint of silver steaks with magnet
  • Hipnotic- fun & flirty hot pink with magenta under tones when magnet is applied

This collection is sure to please! The best thing is the magnet is strong and included with the polish!! We highly recommend this brand, as it has worked better than any other magnetic polish we have tried. Get yours today… In Stock & Shipping $12 each!


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China Glaze Magnetix Collection Spring 2012

Are you tired of the plain standard nail polish colors? Explore and have some fun with China Glaze as they introduce their new Magnetix Collection for Spring 2012!  This inventive collection features 6 new polishes that contain metal pigments that require the China Glaze Magnetix Magnet (sold separately) to create 3 unique nail designs! Click here to purchase your magnet!

Chose which design you want, the arrow, the lines, or the star pattern. Chose your polish of choice, paint the polish on your nail(s) then take the magnet and hover the magnet over your nails. Slowly, you will begin to see the metal powder in the polish come together to form stunning patterns that will be sure to impress all of your friends! Click here to browse the Magnetix Collection!

Zoya True Collection, New for Spring 2012!

Check out the new True Collection by Zoya! This collection showcases 3 creamy and 3 Soft and metallic spring shades! We are excited to introduce the following 6 colors:

Cho – Opaque yellow with a hint of soft peachy beige silver shimmer
Farah – An opaque light khaki-beige
Bevin – A sage green with teal tones and a creamy finish
Skylar – A soft steel-blue with speckled gold and silver shimmer
Lotus – A very soft blue toned grape purple
Tru – A saturated red-tone purple with speckled shimmer

These look a bit different on the nail than in the bottle, so here are some color samples for comparison:

Fashion thought! It can be somewhat time-consuming to have to change your nail color with each outfit! However, these neutral creamy shades can go with almost any Spring wardrobe! Less hassle, more fashion please!

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