Mint-y Lip Scrub, FREE til Friday!

Bella Il Fiore Sugar Kisses Peppermint Lip Scrub Free GiftOrder by midnight on Friday and you can still receive a FREE Pepptermint Lip Scrub from Bella Il Fiore!  Featured at Beauty of a Site for the month of December, Bella’s cosmetics, skin care and luxury bath items are some of our favorites, designed to make life a little richer, easier and ultimately, more beautiful.

With any $25 order, of ANY Beauty of a Site products, we will include a free sample of Bella’s Sugar Kisses lip scrub.  Perfect for smoothing and nourishing dry, chapped lips, this treat is sure to bring some serious pleasure to your pucker.

Make sure and order by December 31st to receive your free gift!

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Delightfully Pink and Oh-So Free

Good news Beauty of a Site friends: we’ve just posted our new specials for the month of June!  Each month, we enjoy picking something we know you’ll love and offering it to you with a free gift or a great discount.  This month, we’re offering a Rosie Jane pink cosmetics bag with any $30 Rosie Jane cosmetics, fragrance or candle purchase- totally free.

Rosie Jane CosmeticsDid we mention that the makeup bag is delightfully pink, adorable and usually $10?

To earn your free gift, shop Rosie Jane today, here!  The good news is, it’s totally easy to earn your free bag.  Try any of Rosie’s products- you really can’t go wrong! Rosie Jane’s products are simple, beautiful and full of life.  Her makeup accentuates natural beauty with warm, natural colors.  Lila Lou, her extremely popular fragrance, smells of fresh flowers, grass, and a warm summer breeze.  Celebrate all that is beautiful about life with her fun loving, full-of-life products- and we’ll send you a little something to help you celebrate.

Enjoy your free gift with any $30 purchase! Simply try 1 fragrance, 2 eyeliners, 2 lip glosses, 1 candle or any other combination you can think of.  These products are in stock and ready to ship, so you can have your gift in no time!

Free Product with Your Zoya / Qtica Purchase!

For the month of May, receive three free product samples with any $35 Zoya or Qtica purchase!  Art of Beauty is generously partnering with Beauty of a Site to over a 2 oz Zoya Remove +, 2 oz Qtica Lotion and 2 oz Qtica Wash with your qualifying order.

Zoya nail polish is some of the most diverse and high quality nail polish that we’ve ever seen at Beauty of a Site, featuring bold colors, a variety of finishes and a chemically safe formula whose color always stays true.  Alongside incredibly effective treatments such as quick dry top coats, polish thinners and protective base coats, Zoya’s manicure supplies are among Beauty of a Site’s most popular products!

Zoya Nail Polish

Zoya Nail Polish is available for purchase in individual bottles (available here) and in collections (here).  Make sure and check out their incredible treatments too!

Looking for Qtica products?  Check them out here!

Free Shampoo? Yes, Please!

Tosca Classic Shampoo and ConditionerDon’t forget that Tosca Hair Care products are being featured at Beauty of a Site this month!  These professional, salon quality shampoos, conditioners, treatments and serums are designed to treat individual hair types with precision and care.  Each of Tosca’s hair care products feature 100% certified organic botanical extracts while being 100% sodium chloride free, 100% sulfate free, static free and humidity resistant.  They truly are composed of the highest quality ingredients available, and the results speaks for themselves!

For this month only, we’ll give you a FREE 5 oz Tosca Treatment Shampoo with any $25 order.  With many of his professional quality products, buying even one product (which we know you’ll love) will earn you this free shampoo.  It’s an easy way to get to try both a conditioner and a shampoo, only having to pay for one of them!

If you’re brand new to Tosca, start by identifying your hair type:

  • For thick / course hair: try Tosca’s Texture Products
  • For curls or waves: Try Tosca Curl
  • For thin / flat hair: Use Tosca Volume
  • For hair that’s dull or lifeless: Tosca Shine

Both Tosca Classic and Tosca Repair products will work beautifully with any hair type.  Classic will cleanse hair and work with common hair issues, while the Repair line will focus on intensely conditioning and healing damaged or over-ly processed hair of any type.

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Dry Shampoo Giveaway! Try Blow’s Faux Dry.

Blow Faux Dry Dry ShampooThe perfect excuse to let your hair go that second day:  Blow’s Faux Dry Dry Shampoo.  Absorbing oil and adding volume, Faux Dry eliminates second day greasy hair on contact.  With every use, Faux Dry helps to extend your hair an extra day, effectively “shampooing” it without the need for water.

You call it a miracle product.  We call it our giveaway for the month.  Just buy a couple of Blow products and it’s yours- FREE.

So… how do you use it?

Make sure the cap is shut and shake it well with each use.  Hold the bottle about 8 inches away from your hair and open the cap.  Once turned upside-down, the super-smart spout will pour controlled amounts of a fine powder onto your hair.  Apply along roots in about four sections of hair and massage into your scalp.  Comb your hair as usual to move the product through the length of your hair (for more volume- work through hair with fingers).  And voila- hair style day two. No washing needed.  🙂

Learn about the promotion here!  We’re featuring all of our Blow products this month (because they’re awesome), so it’s the perfect time to give them a try!

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Cutler Haircare- Get Free Shampoo & Conditioner!

Free gift with purchase!

Free gift with purchase!

At Beauty of a Site, we’re featuring Cutler Haircare in our brand spotlight section for the month of August.  Created by Rodney Cutler, this awesome product line based out of Cutler Salon in New York, is all about getting the right product to help you achieve the runway style of your dreams.  From deep conditioning treatment sprays to daily shampoos, Cutler’s versatile but specialized range offers a little something for everyone!

As a treat for you this month, we’re offering a FREE travel sized Daily Shampoo & Conditioner with any $30 Cutler purchase (see picture at right)!  Pick up a couple of products that you think you’ll like, and we’ll toss in a free gift so that you can enjoy the full Cutler experience!

Click here to browse all of Cutler’s products.

Click here to read more about Cutler’s philosophy and our favorites!

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